Forklift Training in NY

Forklift Training in New York

Accidents occur every day at the workplace. Statistics show that over 68,000 accidents involving powered industrial trucks occur every year, including 107 fatalities. Most of these accidents are attributed to operator error because of a lack of proper training.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that “only trained and authorized operators shall be permitted to operate powered industrial trucks.” Employers must certify that each driver has been trained in the safe operation of the specific type of equipment that he/she operates. OSHA 1910.178(l)(1)(i) and 1910.178(l)(1)(ii) state:

“The employer shall ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of the training and evaluation specified in this paragraph (l).

Prior to permitting an employee to operate a powered industrial truck (except for training purposes), the employer shall ensure that each operator has successfully completed the training required by this paragraph (l)”

 (For more information on OSHA regulation 1910.178, click here.)

Trained forklift operators provide endless benefits for your work environment. Training operators should:

  • Minimize the potential for OSHA forklift investigations and fines.
  • Qualify your company for lower insurance rates.
  • Reduce damage to equipment and product.
  • Allow for more time-efficient operations.


Thompson & Johnson offers a comprehensive training program to help employers meet OSHA’s safety requirements. The program includes formal classroom instruction and a practical hands-on evaluation of the forklift operator at the work site. We will also help you develop your own training program through our Train-the-Trainer program. These classes can be conducted at your own facility or at one of our branches located in Syracuse, Albany, Binghamton or Elmira, New York. (Click here for location hours.) Thompson & Johnson realizes that your business does not run from just 9:00 to 5:00. We will work around your schedule to help you meet your training needs. Saturday and after-hour classes are also available.

NOTE! Employers please bear in mind; that even though you may hire an already certified Forklift operator from another company, you are still required to retrain these new hires with past certifications because you are ultimately responsible for their safety as their new employer.  OSHA will ask you for current training records and you cannot go back to the past employer with those records!

For individual training the OSHA regulations are clear.  We don’t offer forklift safety training courses for individuals looking for work.  You MUST be trained on the forklift you are required to operate and in that work area.



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