HAWKER Chargers from Thompson & Johnson


The Power To Choose
The POWERGUARD™ HD charger series is HAWKER’s new ferroresonant charger line. The POWERGUARD™ HD charger series consists of single-phase and three-phase chargers for every charging need. POWERGUARD™ HD features stackable drip-resistant cabinets and are designed to be convection cooled in ambients up to 40°C (104°F).

Hawker offers two different models in the POWERGUARD™ ferroresonant line, the POWERGUARD™ HD (for heavy duty applications) and the POWERGUARD™ LD (for light duty applications). 


The Intelligent Power Source
The POWERGUARD™ SCR charger series is HAWKER’S new SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) charger. POWERGUARD™ SCR is offered in a three-phase configuration and is designed to charge a full range of both flooded and valve-regulated (VRLA) batteries. 


The Charger You Designed
The LIFEGUARD® 3 is a reliable battery charger that is rugged, easy to install, operate, and maintain. A charger that will keep your batteries delivering peak power for many years. Sophisticated but simple. LIFEGUARD® 3 ferroresonant chargers deliver the power and the flexibility you demand at a price to fit your budget.


First in the Business…Best in the Business.
LIFEPLUS® TC3 is the latest generation of high-frequency smart charger from HAWKER – the world leader in high frequency charging technology. Patented LIFEPLUS® chargers are the product of over two decades of high-frequency smart charging experience. Only HAWKER has the extensive, proven track record of substantially reducing charging costs and the cost of operation with high-frequency smart chargers.

LifeSpeed™ 3000

High-Speed, Smart-Charger
LifeSpeed™ 3000 is the latest addition to the HAWKER charger product line. LifeSpeed 3000 is a high frequency, fast charger that is “At The Ready” to charge, anytime.

LifeSpeed 3000 assesses each battery’s charging requirements through its patented intelligent smart charging technology. LifeSpeed 3000 utilizes patented AccelRate® technology to create a unique charge algorithm, which combined with the high efficiency of HF IGBT technology charges your batteries faster, cooler, and at a dramatically lower cost. 


LIFETECH™ is the latest addition to enhance HAWKER’s high-frequency, smart charging family.
Designed to specifically meet the needs of a cost effective and efficient high-frequency smart charger, the LIFETECH™ charger series delivers the greatest efficiency and highest power factor available in a simple, yet small footprint. The design is small and compact to fit just about anywhere. 


What is a ‘High Frequency Intellicharger™’ and how does it save me money?

  • POWERTECH™ is a high frequency smart charger.
  • POWERTECH™ assesses each battery’s charging requirements through its patented intelligent technology.
  • POWERTECH™ is designed to save you money on utilities, watering, and battery life.

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