Demoing Forklift Equipment

Why you should do it

If you were purchasing a car, would you skip the test drive? No! Taking the car for a drive gives you the
opportunity to check out what you are buying from the gas mileage to the convenient sunglass holder.
So why would you skip a forklift demo?

On paper, a forklift may appear to have the features needed for your application the capacity, fuel type,
tires, etc. However, a demo brings clarity to questions such as:

Do the operators like it?

A demo lets operators become a part of the buying process. An operator that uses the forklift during his or her shift can provide valuable feedback on visibility and maneuverability. Plus, rider comfort typically increases productivity and safety.

Why is there a price difference?

On their own, quotes may not show the reasons why a forklift’s initial cost is higher. Besides highlighting unique features, a demo explains how the value of the forklift is determined over its life cycle. Advances in technology also bring options that were not available during your last purchase.

Do I have the right forklift?

A demo answers the concern of having the right type of equipment for your application, especially if you plan to use a different type of forklift. For example, you may learn your process is not ready for a fuel switch from LP to electric or the planned option isn’t used by operators. Typically, a demo is two days. If you have a large fleet, consider renting a similar forklift for (30) days, which allows more operators to use the equipment.

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Got Questions?

If you have a question on this or any topic related to safety with your forklift, give our resident expert, Dave Bennet, a call or fill out the request form.