Why is my forklift overheating?

possible causes to investigate

When operators notice the temperature gauge has risen into the “red zone”, a forklift must be tagged out of daily production to avoid causing damage to key components.


Broken Fan or Fan Belt

The forklift’s fan and fan belt sit under the operator’s seat and toward the back of the unit. Items falling through cracks and under the hood, especially papers from behind the operator seat, are culprits in damaging the forklift fan or fan belt. Materials picked up from the floor can also entangle around the components, causing breakage or corrosion.

Specialized knowledge

The radiator is vulnerable to debris picked up from the facility floor or during outside operation. Debris must be cleaned out periodically to ensure good air flow.

Coolant Level

A forklift with a low coolant level may overheat. Checking a forklift’s coolant level should be included in the planned maintenance schedule. The water pump, responsible for pulling coolant through the radiator, should also be observed for leaks or cracks.

Overheating a forklift will put its engine and other key components in jeopardy. The fan, fan belt, radiator and coolant level combat the heat produced by the engine, making it important to inspect them regularly for damage.

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