safety training?

Vol. 33: Safety TRaining

Why do we train our Operators? Not only is it to save lives and cut down on injuries, it’s required by law!

OSHA Regulations

1910.178(I)(1)(i) The employer shall ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of the training and evaluation specified in this paragraph (L).

This training is required before they are assigned to operate the forklift as part of their job. 

Benefits to Training

Increased Productivity

When operators are educated and understand the characteristics and limitations of a forklift and when they exist - this will impact their driving performance.

Lower Insurance Costs

The more accidents you have, the higher your compensation insurance rates go up. This cuts into profitability, and if you have numerous accidents, they will be reported. Also, if you show unusually high accident rates, this will trigger an automatic OSHA inspection and higher fines if they feel you are not providing a safe working environment.

Damage Reduction

Training your Operators means less product and property damage. I tell operators all the time, "We only get paid to make a product once. After that, it comes out of profits." Less damage also means fewer repair costs to your forklifts.

Employer Responsibility

As an Employer, you must train – but that is only half the issue. You need your employees to follow that training. To do that, as an Employer, you need to develop a culture of safety at your work place. The Operators need to apply that training in their job. I tell Operators at the end of every class, “All the training you ever learn is meaningless garbage, if you don’t follow it.”

Got Questions?

If you have a question on this or any topic related to safety with your forklift, give our resident expert, Dave Bennet, a call or fill out the request form.