Why Toyota?

Toyota Forklift Advantages

If you are considering purchasing or renting a Toyota Forklift, you may be wondering how Toyota compares to another forklift manufacturer.

Thompson & Johnson is proud to be a Toyota Forklift dealer, supporting customers with their forklift and material handling needs. When asked about Toyota Forklift advantages, our sales reps highlighted features about forklift parts, service and product design.


Locally Built

Toyota’s forklifts are built in the U.S. at their Columbus, Indiana manufacturing facility, which provides hundreds of jobs for the local community. Toyota’s control of the manufacturing process ensures quality assurance with every forklift. – Jason A, Indianapolis

#1 Selling Forklift

Since 2002 Toyota Forklift have been the #1 selling forklift in the U.S., proving customers believe in their quality and dependability. Having a forklift breakdown halts your productivity and creates immediate expenses. Choosing a reliable Toyota Forklift that can stand up to your application will result in a lower total cost of ownership.


Double the Forklift Parts Warranty

In 2018 Toyota Forklift doubled their Toyota Genuine forklift parts warranty 2 years / 4,000 hours. If Thompson & Johnson’s certified forklift technicians install the forklift part, your labor will also be covered over the same time period.

Forklift Parts Availability

The purchase of Toyota forklift parts is handled centrally at Thompson & Johnson, helping us to fill orders quickly and consistently at our 9 customer support centers. When a forklift part is not sitting on a shelf at your local Thompson & Johnson, we can easily ship it from another location.


System of Active Stability (SAS)

Toyota continues to be a safety leader in the forklift industry with their System of Active Stability (SAS) and Active Mast Controller (AMC). Knowing operators will be faced with high-risk situations, SAS provides more stability and decreases the likelihood of a forklift tip-over. – Andrew M, Dayton

Forklift Operator Ergonomics

Toyota pays attention to forklift ergonomics to increase operator satisfaction and preference. Forklift operators have mentioned ease of on and off, suspension forklift operator seat, good sight lines, smooth hydraulics and operation.


Faster Forklift Repair

With plenty of working space in the engine compartment and mast area, forklift technicians have easier access for repairs and maintenance. Ease of maintenance can potentially decrease forklift service hours and costs.

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Got Questions?

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