Reserving a Forklift Rental

How far in advance should I reserve my forklift rental?

At Thompson & Johnson, we are ready to meet your emergency and planned forklift rental needs. Unfortunately, breakdowns do happen and we understand waiting days for a rental isn’t an option. With a rental in stock, we can prep and schedule your delivery the next day, sometimes within hours.


For planned projects needing a forklift rental, calling a week in advance is ideal. If you need a specialty forklift that is outside typical warehouse applications, it is recommended you call when you learn about the project. An advance reservation gives the rental specialist time to source the equipment and make any adjustments to forks, attachments, etc.

There are also times you anticipated needing a forklift rental, but business is slow or a project fell through. Providing notice of the cancellation to your rental specialist is greatly appreciated so the forklift can be made available to another customer.

Need a forklift rental? Call Thompson & Johnson today to speak to a rental specialist! or fill out a Customer Request Email Form above! We have a variety of forklifts and industrial cleaning equipment in stock, and can also supply rentals for attachments and special applications.  

Got Questions?

If you have a question on this or any topic related to safety with your forklift, give our resident expert, Dave Bennet, a call or fill out the request form.