Choosing Forklift Service

In-House vS Outsourcing

One of the biggest decisions your company must make is whether or not to outsource your forklift services. Both in-house forklift service technicians as well as outsourcing services have proven benefits, in different ways, depending on your company’s environment.

Forklift service technicians are assets and hold a vital position within the company. Without the presence of a technician, problems would persist, work could not be conducted, and business would come to a halt. Therefore, your decision on this matter should be based on a number of important weighted factors.



Unexpected breakdowns and maintenance issues can be handled right then and there. No appointment necessary. The in-house forklift service technician is always around. His or her job is to be available whenever needed.

Specialized knowledge

For certain industries, specialized training or experience is necessary to be capable in providing maintenance and recommendations as needed. An in-house forklift service technician will be trained to provide service on all variety of machines that exist within your company.

Competitive advantages

As the number of machines increase within your company and variety of those machines become more specific to your industry, your in-house forklift service technician will be trained to adapt. Along the way if you develop certain methods or process, both methods and processes would be held secret within the company.

Company focus

The company’s need will always be a priority. The in-house forklift service technician would have a personal investment within the company due to employer-employee relationship. He or she will have a greater understanding of the culture, values and goals held by the company.


Decrease expenses

Have a non-employee as a forklift service technician means elimination of human resource duties. Payroll, benefits and liability expenses are not incurred and there’s no hiring process. Expenses paid to the technician are only for the maintenance time required to tend to the machinery. There is no idle time expense.

Maintenance efficiency

If equipment is small in number and stays consistent in the type of equipment, outsourcing will benefit the company due to the outsourced forklift service technician’s ability to provide detailed recorded maintenance history reports along with regular inspection of safety for all of the fleet.

Maintenance experts

Time and money spent to train are non-existent. A certified forklift service technician will have expert knowledge, be current on industry processes and bring a new perspective on improvements for the company including fleet management recommendations.

Maintenance experts

A scheduled maintenance plan that fits your specific needs will aid in catching potential problems early, guaranteeing up-time, providing fast repairs and overseeing maintenance or stock parts.

Thompson & Johnson guarantees a response to a breakdown call within 3 hours.  Learn more about our service capabilities HERE or contact us to discuss a planned maintenance schedule for your fleet today!

Got Questions?

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