Wrong Forklift Rental?

How to remove the wrong forklift rental from your production

My company has a forklift rental but I’ve realized the equipment isn’t fitting our production needs. What steps do I take to secure a better rental?

Having the wrong forklift may be noticed immediately after receiving the rental or several weeks later. Your company may also find a rental isn’t sufficient after a production change at the facility, which can alter the dimensions, capacity or stacking height of the handled product, where the rental operates or stacking heights.


If your company is in need of a rental, take time to consider what you want to accomplish with the equipment. Along with sharing information about the product(s) you move, make the forklift rental specialist aware of:

Restrictive Areas

Thinking of where the rental will be operated, will your operators experience space limitations, such as aisles or overhead obstructions? If so, measure areas that decrease working space and share those with your forklift rental specialist. These measurements should include not only aisle widths but stacking heights for racking, mezzanines and other storage solutions.

Indoor / Outdoor Operation

Does your operation include taking the forklift rental outside? If your current rental isn’t equipped with pneumatic tires for an outdoor application, you risk premature wear on the tires or becoming stuck on surfaces such as gravel.

Environmental Policy

Has your Safety Team shared an updated policy? A new policy may require lowered fuel emissions (i.e., LP to battery), or note all forklift rentals in operation have back-up alarms or lights.

Don’t be limited by the wrong forklift rental! Armed with accurate information about the purpose of the forklift rental, your facility and handled product(s), a rental specialist can guide you to the best equipment. Some specialists also provide additional support by offering to schedule an on-site visit with a sales consultant. After reviewing your space, the consultant can recommend the best equipment for your application and then work directly with the rental specialist to schedule delivery of the forklift rental.

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Got Questions?

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