Do You Have a safe attitude?

having a positive attitude about safety

A positive attitude towards safety will pay off in many ways. It saves you money, keeps you in your job and even saves your life.


Saves You Money

Saves you money, because accidents are expensive not only to the company you work for, but for you and your family. It could mean a loss of income for a long time, disability or workers compensation doesn’t even come close to what you will need to pay your bills.

Keeps you in your job!

This is all about security. Having a job means you can count on a steady income coming in. You can plan things this way. Being injured means an uncertain future, i.e. how long will I be out of work? Will I have a job to go back to?

Saves your life!

 It doesn’t get any more important than that! Think about the people who are dependent on you? Your wife and children, maybe a parent that you are caring for. Without you, their lives will change overnight. Who will help get them through the years to come? Not just financially, but who will be there to help your children grow up to be responsible adults.

Sure, you have been to all the safety meetings, it kind of goes in one ear and maybe you are listening, but you don’t take it all seriously. You probably feel that “accidents can’t happen to me, only careless people”.   

But you have to take your training seriously because no matter how much training you receive, it all means nothing until you follow through on it. Safety is up to you to follow. Your company had a responsibility to train you, but you have a responsibility to follow those rules and if you don’t you are going to get hurt, it is that simple.

Have the moral strength to tell others to wear the proper protective equipment if they are not wearing it. Do not let people tell you those safety glasses or safety gloves are for “Wussies” they are there for a reason. That reason is simple, these and other protective safety equipment were designed because somebody suffered an injury in the past and these devices were made to prevent those injuries from happening again. 

Safety is everyone responsibility, do you have the right attitude to follow through on your safety training? Be safe!

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