forklift tire replacement

When to Evaluate Your Tires

It’s easy to assume forklift tire maintenance will be manageable and budget-friendly; however, unless the tire experiences major damage, forklift tire replacement is often overlooked. Regularly evaluating your forklift tires for replacement will help decrease accidents and operator fatigue.


Forklift Tires: Chunking

When a forklift tire loses part of its tread, this is called chunking. Forklift tires are vulnerable to chunking when driven over dock plates or debris in the facility that can tear pieces off the tire. Many tires are replaced prematurely due to chunking, causing unplanned maintenance expenses.

Forklift Tires: Oils & Solvents

If your facility has an application involving cutting oils and solvents, forklift tires can be at risk for damage. If the tire repeatedly comes into contact with these chemicals, over time it will soften, making it more vulnerable to chunking.

Forklift Tires: Safety & Fatigue

Damaged forklift tires bounce the operator. This can lead to fatigue and decreased production. Tires with chunking also decrease the stability of the forklift and can contribute to a tip-over.

Forklift Tires: Damage to the Forklift

Wearing down forklift tires beyond their useful life is another reason for replacement. In these cases, the forklift’s forks and mast are at risk for damage. Because the forks and mast will sit lower to the ground, they will be prone to come into contact with the facility floor or impact the dock plate. This can lead to a costly replacement of these components as well as damage to your facility.

Getting a Forklift Tire Evaluation

Getting an outside perspective also helps you find solutions for your forklift tires rather than accept the ongoing damage. A consultant can discuss your facility layout, application and tire expectations to find the best fit for your fleet.

Thompson & Johnson offers a complimentary forklift tire evaluation. This evaluation includes an equipment specialist reviewing each unit in the fleet to measure the remaining tread on the tire. Results will highlight tires that need immediate tire replacement. Predicted replacement dates of other tires will also be noted to assist you with budgeting. If your tire is not suited for the application, our specialist will also share tire options.

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Got Questions?

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