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When renting a forklift, who is responsible for a forklift rental’s maintenance?

At Thompson & Johnson, we as the forklift dealer oversee the planned maintenance and normal “wear & tear” service repairs for your forklift rental. To ensure reliable forklift rentals are available to our customers, we have put quality assurance checks in place.


  • A forklift coming off rental is quickly evaluated for potential safety issues or needed repairs, making it rent-ready for the next customer.
  • Forklift rentals are tracked by hours and receive planned maintenance (PM) approximately every 250 – 500 usage hours, dependent upon recent applications and work environments.
  • While cleaning air filters and lubricating chains, our technicians also look for normal “wear & tear” items such as a frayed seatbelt or tires at the wear line.
  • If a forklift rental’s oil doesn’t need to be replaced during a PM appointment, a dry PM is performed. This includes a review of safety items and looking for excessive wear of forklift parts.

So that we do not interfere with your production schedule, Thompson & Johnson will coordinate the best day / time to perform maintenance on your forklift rental. And, while our goal of performing regular maintenance is to decrease forklift rental downtime, we are also committed to a quick response if your forklift rental does experience a breakdown.

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Got Questions?

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