Dispatching a Forklift Service Technician

What To Expect

“Our forklift broke down and I’m not sure why. What should I expect if I agree to a forklift repair and have a technician dispatched to our facility?”

When your forklift breaks down, several questions arise – Why did the forklift stop running? How long will the forklift be down? How much is the forklift repair?

Similar to your personal vehicle, a forklift breakdown cannot be diagnosed over the phone. It requires a hands-on evaluation from an experienced technician. And, since service repairs can be costly, it’s important to have trust in the forklift dealer.


Customer Application

If you are not an active customer with a forklift dealer, you will be asked to complete a customer application. Your company will be set up with a customer account which is used for billing and approving future services.

Evaluation Fee

A service technician will be dispatched to your facility to perform a hands-on evaluation, troubleshooting the cause of the forklift breakdown.

Estimated Arrival

The dispatcher notifies you of the estimated time of arrival for the service technician. It is helpful to have a person from your facility available for the service technician to direct him to the forklift needing repair.

Forklift Evaluation

The service technician will present a written evaluation of the forklift, including an estimate for the immediate repair and additional concerns.

If you have flexibility on the timing of your forklift repair, inquire if the servicing dealer offers flat rate pricing for pick-up of the forklift and evaluation at their facility or if a service technician will be in your area soon; however, when the repair is urgent, dispatching a service technician is your best choice for fast troubleshooting. Other than the charges associated with the forklift breakdown call, you are not held to any commitments after receiving the forklift evaluation and estimate. The choice to authorize the service repair is yours

Thompson & Johnson guarantees a response to a breakdown call within 3 hours and are available 24/7! If your breakdown occurs after hours or on the weekend, dial our emergency service line (877) 460-9186. To Learn more about our service capabilities HERE or contact us to discuss a planned maintenance schedule for your fleet today HERE!

Got Questions?

If you have a question on this or any topic related to safety with your forklift, give our resident expert, Dave Bennet, a call or fill out the request form.