4 Benefits For Your Warehouse

For many busy warehouse operations managers, optimization is their main focus. If you haven’t automated any of your warehouse functions, you may be missing out on key benefits for your business. Cost-reductions, increased productivity, improved accuracy, and stronger customer satisfaction are all benefits of the smart use of cooperative robotics (co-robotics).

1. Reduce Warehouse Operational Costs

Order picking can represent as much as 50% of your warehouse’s overall budget. With the need for so much manual labor, efficiency is key. By implementing a co-robotic solution such as a “lead me” or “follow me” robotic pick strategy, you can reduce the headcount needed for order picking. Used Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for moving loaded pallets along simple routes in your warehouse can also help reduce wasted manpower. The goal is never to remove the need for employees, but to help make them more effective in their work.

2. Increase Productivity

The best benefit of any automation program is reducing waste. By implementing a warehouse management system, you can improve worker slotting to maximize productivity. Partnering order pickers with a co-robotic solution can improve their output without increasing physical demands. The right combination of software and robotics can help optimize routes in your warehouse to keep your people productive and safe in their work.

3. Improve Order Accuracy

When humans are involved, errors are bound to happen. Warehouses struggling with order accuracy can implement a picking solution such as pick to light (PTL) to improve accuracy. This innovative solution lights up a SKU bin with the count needed to be picked, helping guide workers through their day. Combined with a co-robotic picker, your workers will be empowered to pick inventory more accurately, quickly, and consistently.

4. Strengthen Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate goal of any business is to satisfy its customers. Automating portions of your warehouse operation can improve order accuracy and decrease ship times. As orders are fulfilled more quickly, your business’ reputation and customer retention will improve in turn. These throughput and accuracy improvements will reduce the additional costs of miss-picks and returns, increasing your portability over time.

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