Selecting Forklift Safety Accessories

11 Questions to Consider

When placed in the proper warehouse atmosphere, forklift safety accessories can be effective for accident prevention; however, they should never replace the use of horns, spotters or areas restricted to pedestrian traffic. And, because an accessory is only as effective as the person using it, advantages of using the safety accessory should be stressed to those employees conducting pre-shift forklift inspections and operating the forklift.

Choosing Forklift Accessories

  • Could a safety accessory have prevented a recent accident?
  • Are blind spots prevalent throughout the warehouse or in a specific area?
  • Have operators complained of neck strain?
  • Do operators frequently forget to sound the forklift's horn?
  • Is the warehouse well lit?
  • Are forklifts used primarily in daylight?
  • Is the warehouse very large or small, causing sounds to be distant or overwhelming?
  • Is the warehouse naturally noisy?
  • Would a back-up alarm potentially cause hearing loss?
  • Are forklifts operated near flammable materials?
  • Were the forklifts manufactured with a safety accessory?

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Got Questions?

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