Toyota # 1 in Safety


There has been a lot of hype about Safety, and there also has been a lot of improvements in Safety Technology within the forklift industry. So is it hype or actual improvements?

In my opinion it is both. Years ago, Clark was the first manufacturer to combine a seat belt with a Seat Restraint System and Hood Latch System. The other manufacturers followed and laws were put in place to make sure all forklifts had that equipment.

Along came seat switches to ensure the operator was actually on the seat while operating the forklift and it again was made a requirement.

Toyota, however, has had a different approach. They have gone beyond the minimum standard and developed an interactive system that isn’t merely a switch in a seat, but sensors that activate a set of countermeasures when the forklift senses the forklift becoming unstable. Toyota has added a the “SAS Cylinder” to stabilize the steer axle, they also restrict the tilt function as a load is lifted higher to ensure the stability of the forklift, and they added a Tilt Assist, to make it easier for the operator to level their forks when handling a load.

Was it successful? Did the people that use the forklift think it was important?

Modern Material Handling in conjunction with Peerless Media Research Group did research to better understand the importance of Safety Considerations when companies are evaluating the purchase of Lift Trucks. Customers Rated Toyota #1 in Safety. They also rated them #1 in the fewest number of Safety Related Incidents, and #1 as the Most Affordable Lift Truck to Maintain in Terms of Safety.

Toyota has the technology and the customer endorsements to back it up… I don’t think that is Hype!


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