Summer is almost here and that usually means summer help. Many young workers will be looking for a job to earn money for school and personal needs. Sometimes these jobs involve operating a forklift.

 Many employers are not aware of the many laws and regulations that they must follow and one of those regulations is (29 CFR 570) under the Fair Labor Standard Act prohibit employees under the age of 18 from operating a forklift for non-agricultural operations.

Regulations promulgated pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act prohibit individuals younger than 18 years of age from engaging in specified hazardous occupational activities. 29 CFR 570.58 – Occupations involved in the operation of power-driven hoisting apparatus (Order 7), paragraph (a) (5), specifically prohibits employees under 18 years of age from operating forklifts in non-agricultural employment.

 In other words it is against the law!

 This law has been in effect for many years, yet employers still let employees under the age of 18 operate forklifts that can either kill or cause horrible crushing injuries to a person.

 Also keep in mind the other law that employers must follow: that any employee over 18 who operates a forklift, needs to follow OSHA’s 1910.178 states that all employees must be trained and certified by the employer!


Be safe,

Dave Bennett

 EH&S MGR./Forklift Safety Trainer

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