Hawker is pleased to introduce the PowerTech Opportunity (PTO) and PowerTech Multi Opportunity (PMO) high frequency opportunity chargers. These chargers provide basic opportunity charging at lower price point to compete with non-smart chargers.


Built on the same platform as the PowerTech and PowerTech Multi chargers, the new PTO & PMO are multi capacity, single voltage chargers designed to compete in today’s growing market of opportunity charging; allowing for operators to plug in for a quick charge during break times.


The PowerTech Opportunity and PowerTech Multi Opportunity Chargers have a start rate of 25% of the battery’s rated capacity or the maximum output of the charger (whichever is less) to consistently maintain the battery’s state of charge. The battery is then completely charged daily via the charger’s constant current finish charge to bring the battery back to full capacity.



The PowerTech Opportunity and PowerTech Multi Opportunity Chargers are convenient and easy to use. Both chargers feature a user friendly LCD display that not only allows the user to make several parameter adjustments, but also shows real time data for the battery being recharged. The display shows the Battery Total Voltage, Cell Voltage, DC Current, Amp Hours returned to the battery, Time on Charge, Battery State of Charge and a simple to understand fuel gauge which allows the user to know exactly the of condition of the battery being charged. A Start/Stop button control and an Equalize pushbutton (for a manual EQ) are also included on the control panel.


With opportunity charging, a customer can reduce the number of needed battery change outs and ultimately may be able to reduce the need for some equipment and even floor space. A reduction in change outs and equipment also means a reduction in the possibility of hazards associated with the changing process; keeping employees healthy and on the floor instead of changing batteries. This leads to higher production rates and increased profits.


Opportunity charging may not be the answer for every customer and each should be evaluated for the best charging practices in their facility. Locations need to have time available to do a complete full recharge daily and a weekly equalize recharge.


For help in determining if Opportunity charging is the right choice for you, please contact you T&J Sales Representative today or email us at: sales@thompsonandjohnson.com