Wave® Work Assist Vehicle

Consider the time it takes an individual to transport, put away or retrieve multiple loads of product using manual tools like ladders and handcarts. It’s easy to see how the Wave Work Assist Vehicle can virtually cut that time and your labor costs in half. The Wave also eliminates the risk associated with climbing ladders and improves load handling ergonomics to reduce back and other torso injuries. The Wave product replaces rolling ladders and warehouse ladders in many applications.





200 lb. Load Tray Capacity,
250 Load Deck Capacity

WAV 50-84 (yellow)
84 in. platform height

WAV 50-118 (orange)
118 in. platform height

The Wave Work Assist Vehicle is a revolutionary concept designed by Crown to help you work faster, safer and wiser. The Wave works efficiently and quietly in almost any indoor application; elevates a person and a load (one normally carried by hand) up to effective work heights of seventeen feet; travels nearly twice as fast as the average walking speed; navigates easily in the tightest spaces; and turns within its own radius. The Wave vehicle replaces the need for rolling ladders and warehouse ladders typically used in warehouse and maintenance applications.

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Performance Test of the Wave Work Assist Vehicle
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