Good housekeeping in your facility goes a long way to reducing injuries and in turn, this can save your company money. Slips, trips, and falls lead the way accounting for the most injuries in a business. When training your forklift operators OSHA’s 1910.178(L)(3)(ii)(A)–“Surface Conditions Where the Vehicle Will Be Operated”–will be discussed.

Some of the things that OSHA recognizes as hazards are cluttered or greasy floors when they are in your facility. If an accident occurs because of someone slipping on an oily spot or a forklift couldn’t stop in time after hitting wet or slippery floors in your facility, this could result in a death or injury. Then you have lost work time, higher Workers’ Compensation costs and/or possible lawsuits that could run in the millions of dollars. Keeping your floors clean of oil or grease can go a long way to preventing these types of accidents.  

Thompson & Johnson Equip. Co. offers the ADVANCE cleaning line to help keep your business clean and free from hazards. From small walk-behind floor scrubbers/sweepers to full size ride-on machines. These cleaning machines work in small to large manufacturing facilities, hospitals, shopping centers, parking garages or massive distribution centers. Keeping clean floors should be a top priority in these facilities. Cleaning your floors significantly improves light reflection in the work area and making it a brighter place to work in. When we do demonstrations with our cleaning equipment, the top comment we hear is how much brighter the work area is.

The cost of cleaning equipment is small compared to what your higher cost would be in compensation insurance or lawsuits. It is far better to be proactive than reactive. For more complete recommendations for your facility, please contact your insurance carrier for a risk assessment.

Teaching all your employees to recognize hazards goes a long way to reducing injuries. Always stress that safety is everybody’s responsibility.
Be safe,
Dave Bennett
EH&S MGR/Forklift Safety Trainer