Crown RM 6000S Series

S Class Reach Truck
4500 lb. Capacity
Lift Heights up to 42′

36-volt electrical system

You Demand More
The RM 6000S Series reach truck with the exclusive MonoLift™ mast has the potential to change the way high-density warehouses and distribution centers are designed.

The RM 6000S reaches to 505″ and delivers up to 1000 lbs more capacity at height than conventional mast reach trucks. Outstanding visibility at height, eye level and ground level builds operator confidence, fosters more throughput, and results in less damage to product, racks and trucks.

Crown’s exclusive Access 1 2 3® Comprehensive System Control provides the operator and service team with the most comprehensive diagnostics in the industry.

Crown designed the RM 6000 Series to carefully use energy-and give it back to the truck wherever possible. The standard Regenerative Lowering feature puts energy back as the mast is lowered. The optional F-Battery compartment using a 18-125-19 battery, provides considerably longer run-time than the typical 18-125-17 battery. Together, these features support fewer battery changes, more productivity, and 25% more run-time for improved energy utilization and reduced costs.

Crown’s Access 123® Comprehensive System Control provides optimum performance through the intelligent coordination of lift truck systems.

Industry-leading top travel and lift/lower speeds are achieved through Access 123 technology and AC systems. Performance levels can be tuned to match the specific requirements of your applications and operators.

Access 123 technology and systems expertise makes possible the OnTrac™ Anti-Slip Traction Control feature (watch OnTrac video). OnTrac monitors truck dynamics and greatly reduces tire spin during acceleration, plugging and braking.

One-Touch Rack Height Select and Tilt Position Assist options help operators easily position forks and move more pallets while reducing the risk of truck, rack, product, and pallet damage.

 Drive Unit/Drive Motor
Crown’s AC traction system is a closed loop traction control system that maintains top speed throughout the battery charge. Engineered and manufactured by Crown, the AC motor, controller, and drive unit are designed specifically for lift truck applications. This provides improved acceleration and plug reversal contributing to greater productivity.

 Control Handle
The multi-task control handle blends hydraulic control functions and traction to improve productivity. This design is time-tested for proven reliability.

The electronic power steering uses an AC steer motor and steering control module integrated with the Access 123 System to provide fast, reliable steering response. It provides smooth, quiet steering control with minimal operator effort required at the steer tiller.



 MonoLift™ Mast
The Crown MonoLift™ mast combines key advances in truck geometry and unsurpassed mast rigidity to offer more height and more load capacity at height. Elevated load sway and side bowing are minimized through the use of a closed cross-section mast construction. Operators experience significantly reduced mast sway and twisting resulting in more confidence, less time waiting for the mast to steady and more time moving loads. Lift cylinders, hoses, cable and chain within the mast are protected from the operating environment, but are readily accessible for service.

The offset mast design also provides unmatched visibility for high or low stacking. This clearer view builds confidence, fosters more throughput and results in less damage to product, racks and trucks.

The chassis incorporates heavy-gauge steel in the frame, skirt and power unit door contributing to superior stability, protection and industry leading durability. Low-profile chassis provides lower center of gravity, resulting in increased elevated capacity and increased visibility.

A disc brake on the motor armature shaft combined with motor regenerative braking provides sure braking with fewer parts and maintenance requirements. An electronically-applied brake on the caster wheel works with the motor brake to provide good brake performance for the S Class truck.

Regenerative motor braking helps save energy, and decreases motor temperature.

A side-stance position provides maximum visibility for the operator in either direction of travel.

A clear view mast and low-profile, sculpted chassis allows operators to clearly see the forktips, fender and all around the truck, enabling high visibility for improved safety and reduced damage.

 Operator Safety & Comfort
Variable side-stance positions the operator for maximum effectiveness and forward/reverse visibility during travel and load handling functions.

A suspended floorboard reduces shock and vibration and enhances work performance during normal travel over expansion joints and rough floors. The floorboard also features a one-pedal design with a right foot sensor area. Premium floormat delivers exceptional comfort.

An exclusive operator entry bar assists drivers in maintaining proper operator positioning, reinforcing safe truck operation.

A high level of serviceability simplifies maintenance and prolongs equipment life.

Crown’s Comprehensive System Control with Access 1 2 3® technology and InfoPoint® delivers unprecedented information accessibility, reliable performance and simplicity of service.

Service and parts manuals recognized in the industry as the most user friendly, enable quick part reference and easy maintenance.


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