The Correct Way to Install Forklift Electrical Accessories 

The tech tip for the month is what steps should be taken when installing accessories like back-up alarms, strobe lights, operator fans, scanners, horns, relay, etc.

When installing any one of these accessories, it is very important that you refer to the forklift schematic in order to determine the correct way to wire and operate the accessory components. The reason this is so important is because of the technology that now is used on the modern day forklift, even your electric powered pallet truck. These forklifts are using state-of-the-art motor controls and components that are very susceptible to electrical noise and spike. The protection devices that are sometimes used by the manufacturers are called filters, suppressors, diode blocks or metal oxide varisters, to name a few. These components are used to protect the truck from the accessory and/or protect the accessory from the truck. When these protection devises are not used, the life of the accessory component can be shortened or worse a major component on the truck could be damaged due to the electrical spikes or noise. At the very least, you could have a truck that intermitently acts up and malfunctions in some way. The risk that you take can be very costly when one of these are not used.  If you do not feel comfortable installing one of these accessories, please consider having a qualified forklift technician install it for you.

Here is an example schematic:


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