Technical Concept of iForks

iForks are the first completely wireless weighing system for forklift trucks in the world, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth technology. Being wireless, the system can be installed onto any forklift in a matter of minutes: Plug & Weigh.

Each fork is equipped with its own battery module, this eliminates cable reels and power cords between the forks. The battery modules are exchangeable, robust and integrated into the fork design. The bulky housings for battery and electronics on top of the forks are no longer necessary.

The Bluetooth transmitters and calibration board have been integrated into the forks to avoid the risk of being damaged, this makes downtime on the iForks extremely low. Both scale forks communicate independently with the driver display in the cabin of the truck, each via its own Bluetooth transmitter mounted in a small niche in the vertical part of the fork. The status of the Bluetooth connection between the weighing forks and the indicator is shown by blue LED’s.

The iForks install easily, even on forklift trucks with a load backrest above the carriage. With a minor adjustment iForks are even suitable for use in combination with a fork positioner.




iForks have marked advantages compared to carriage plate scales:
• Economically priced, low installation costs, so lower initial investment and higher ROI
• Scale components are easily accessible and digitally calibrated: less maintenance, lower cost of ownership
• can be used in combination with fork positioners
• Minimal displacement of load center equals more lifting capacity
• Excellent view of fork tips: more safety and less accidents

All models of iForks exceed industry standards.

Applications for mobile scales

Problems with overloaded freight trucks? Incomplete deliveries? Too many errors in your order picking? Looking for cost savings in your in-house logistics?

Measuring weight plays an important role in managing material flows in warehouses and production processes. If you need to weigh regularly, you want to do it efficiently, without unnecessary loss of time and without unnecessary handling and material movements.
Mobile weighing is a problem solving and cost saving tool. On the following pages you can read what mobile scales are used for and the advantages they offer in those applications

How Will You Handle The Data?

Ticket or Label:

Two different types of printers are available for your iForks. A Thermal Printer or Dot Matrix printer can be installed in the cab. Printers make it easy to keep track of your weighing activities and add the ability to give receipts.

Digital Data Capture & Transfer:

Do you need your data to integrate into your existing network?

Yes: If you plan on integrating into your existing network you will want to choose Uni-Mobile Connect.

No: You can use either our offline data capture system Uni-Mobile for use with a PDA, or our online data communication system Uni-Win for use with a PC.

Battery & Power Options

Battery Options:
Rechargeable batteries are available for high cycle or extended shift operations. Rechargeable batteries come with wall mountable charging stations.

Display Power Source:
Either a regulator or converter is available for powering the driver display via the truck power source.

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