Thompson & Johnson Equipment Company has been the leader in developing material handling equipment, forklift and lift truck leasing programs for over 50 years.  We will work to satisfy your financial and tax requirements with a lease package that meets or exceeds all operational and FASB 13 tests, subject to your tax counsel’s confirmation. Creative financing is our strength. Call us toll free at 877-460-9186 or email us for more information.

Why Lease?

  • Increase working capital and improve cash flow by eliminating initial outlay of capital to acquire equipment.
  • Increase equipment utilization by replacing existing over-age equipment with new equipment.
  • Reduce cost of maintenance, parts and equipment downtime.
  • Offer the potential for fleet reduction through introduction of new equipment, better utilization, improved maintenance practices and reduced downtime. This can also lead to a reduction of lift truck and forklift operators by increasing uptime and eliminating back-up equipment.
  • As lift trucks and forklifts are replaced, specifications can be standardized to offer maximum flexibility of forklift or lift truck use between departments or operations.
  • Rates are fixed in advance for the term of the agreement and payable monthly.
  • Lease programs result in automatic replacement of lift trucks or forklifts. The term is predicated on optimum service life of equipment in your operation.
  • Conserve bank credit lines. Funds normally borrowed to finance equipment acquisition can be used for other productive purposes.
  • Hedge against rising costs. Commitment for leased equipment is made at today’s dollar value.
  • Operators using modern equipment that is properly maintained and adequate for the job take more pride in their equipment and in their work, and are usually more productive.

Thompson & Johnson controls all of our lease units at our NY locations so we are able to address operational issues such as 24 hour service, off-hour Planned Maintenance, quick response time, moving equipment between facilities, standby equipment, changing equipment due to operational changes, etc.

Through a custom-designed leasing program, Thompson & Johnson can be your partner for all your material handling equipment and forklift needs.